2018 – No more air bubbles on your boxes

Sistema antibolle Europrogetti per la produzione di scatole

Europrogetti continues to innovate! Smooth and perfect packaging on all sides!

With the new Anti-air bubbles system Europrogetti takes another step forward and finds the solution to widen a very important aspect in the production of luxury rigid boxes in any shape and dimension: the “Antibubbles” concept.

It was the first to solve, years ago, the problem of air bubbles on the box bottom and today, with a further innovation, it eliminates the air bubbles issue on the sides as well.

Nice and perfect boxes in a simple and effective way, saving time and making companies more competitive: now the boxes are perfect on all sides with Europrogetti machines.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more, our Sales Department will give you a description of the potentialities and features.