A machine for every company

Dynamism and flexibility are “intangible” assets that allow creating a machine that is custom-made for the company in which it will operate.

We at Europrogetti direct ourselves at industries that do business in important and strongly dynamic scenarios: many indeed are the obstacles that must be overcome to govern market trends, meet consumer demands for increasingly personalized products, and comply with the regulatory standards of the countries in which they operate.

The usual challenges, but now complicated even more by the protracted slowdowns that all world economies have suffered due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Nowadays, being able to count on a partner like Europrogetti, who contributes to the technological development and growth of the premium packaging sector, creating automatic lines for the box making and converting industries, is even more important, because it allows sector players to remain competitive, while looking to the future with an optimistic eye.

We have always based our strategy for growth on the production of technologically advanced machines, the result of non-stop research activities, so much so that we continue to patent high-performance solutions that are used in a variety of areas, from food & beverage to cosmetics, from home care to electronics, and more.

To each company, a customized solution to implement the production of specialized packaging

Our lines are the result of both the ability to intercept market trends in advance and develop functions capable of bringing significant advantages to the entire sector, and of an aptitude for listening to every customer’s individual needs.

It is the machine that must adapt to the specific workflow, and not vice-versa: that is the reason why we design kits and software that interface perfectly with existing systems, generating new production processes.

A fundamental aspect for the businesses that come to us, is to keep their plants running efficiently, so that production lines remain fast and flexible, and the quality of their products continues to fearlessly bear comparison on an international level.

Creating custom oriented machines requires not only the desire to dynamically strive beyond those objectives we have already reached, but also a mentality that is open enough to collect suggestions offered up by customers, and flexibly transform them into innovations.

The aim is to produce a complete portfolio of automatic lines that are efficient, versatile and user-friendly, that is to say, capable of:

    • operating safely
    • processing a wide range of papers and cardboards
    • creating packages in a variety of shapes and sizes
    • substantially reducing the time to market.

Solutions with an edge, to make a real difference in premium packaging, together

Since 1990, the year Europrogetti was founded, the company’s history has hinged on the development of systems that meet high standards in terms of performance and reliability.

Our team of engineers, software techs and mechanics attend to every step of the production process, from design, to construction right up to customer assistance, to guaranty users receive fluid processes and a level of quality that we certify through strict tests on each and every machine.

That is why you can share your ideas with us: we are here to turn them into reality.