Company | Mission


Our aim has always been to create machines which follow the requests and demands of a constantly evolving market: more and more innovative and diversified products, of high quality and reliability, easily customizable. That’s why we give great importance to two phases of our productive process: listening and exchanging views.

  • Listening to the market, to anticipate needs and requirements and to propose innovative solutions before everyone else.
  • A constant exchanging of views with the customer, to understand and analyze each one of his needs and to adapt the machines to his actual requests. In fact we know that it is the single detail which makes a company competitive and unique: Europrogetti adapts any kind of machine according to your targets.



Flexibility and security

In every field to be successful, one must be able to adapt to situations that arise from time to time.

We have the knowledge and know-how to adapt each machine to the required situation, by designing a kit and a software that, integrating perfectly with the existing system, allows new features.

Each phase of work often requires different times and methods: the control of speed and time are important elements for the quality of work and the final result.