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It was 1990 when Europrogetti started to build machines for box makers and converting companies. At the beginning the reference field was the footwear, which required boxes with rather standard dimensions. A fully automatic line for rigid boxes called “DELTA” was built for this specific need.

Following the requests and demands of a constantly evolving market, Europrogetti’s offer has considerably widened year after year, developing machines for the production of particular boxes and with a variety of shapes and dimensions, to be used in several market sectors:


  • perfumes
  • jewels
  • mobile phones
  • cd and dvd
  • eyewear
  • games
  • footwear
  • spirits
  • textile



Our story are our creations


  • 1990 – Delta automatic line for box wrapping
  • 1995 – AC1060 line for the automatic lamination of paper / cardboard.
  • 1998 – rotative line with fast size changeover and fully automated for rigid (set-up) cardboard boxes, called “ROTARY”
  • 1999 – line for rigid (set-up) cardboard boxes with unique features of flexibility, called “EP170”, the first line with patented sequential turn-in.
  • 2005 – “EP240” line, a line developed even for the production of covered rigid boxes with special geometric shapes.
  • 2009 – “EP175” line, the evolution of the EP170L with the patented anti-air bubbles system.
  • 2010 – agreement with the Japanese company Fuchu Shiko for the Asian markets.
  • 2011 – “EP150” line for the fields of perfumery, eyewear and jewellery.
  • 2013 – “EP100″, a stand-alone line of reduced cost, with low space requirements and mounted on casters, that realizes boxes of small and medium sizes without use of heat-sealing tape.
  • 2014 – Introduction of the cardboard transport through synchronous belts, to ensure the total control of the die-cut blank.
  • 2016 – “AC1060/3” line, the evolution of the laminating line with the exclusive “Twin System” for the rigorous lamination of both sides (front and back).