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Since the beginning, our job has based on a cornerstone, which we consider essential and distinguishing: the constant research. In fact, we have never stopped to create and patent high performance, original and definitive solutions, which have appointed Europrogetti as a leader in the innovation and development.


2004 – Device for forming and stitching boxes with sloped sides both on the horizontal and the vertical axis

2004 – System for unloading cardboard boxes stitched at the same level of the cardboard blank entrance

2005 – Adjustable (universal) mould for the production of covered rigid boxes

2005 – Fast locking and unlocking system for moulds for covered rigid boxes making machines

2008 – Device for forming “T” and “Double T” shaped boxes

2008 – Adjustable device for forming “T” shaped boxes

2008 – Device for wrapping boxes with sloped sides both on the horizontal and on the vertical axis

2009 – System for the inside turn-in in sequential way

2009 – System for removing air bubbles between paper and cardboard on box wrapping lines

2010 – System for the inside turn-in of covered rigid boxes without the use of the countermould

2010 – Application for drawings and models of 5 boxes

2011 – Automatic device for wrapping boxes with window

2011 – Cardboard box stitching heads with adjustable heights

2012 – Cardboard box stitching device with metal stitches

2013 – Procedure and device to wrap a so called “open” box

2015 – Device for forming boxes, relevant procedure and box formed thanks to the application of hot glue during the movement and die-cut blank with cardboard double thickness

2016 – Device for stitching cardboard boxes by means of adhesive labels