Services | Assistance for paper converting machines

It is not enough to design and build: we offer a series of services to be always at our customers’ side concretely and continuously over time.

  • Drawings for die-cuts, moulds and toolings
  • Realization of moulds and toolings (in collaboration with the Company L.B. by Borgato Luciano)
  • Machinery upgrade
  • Machinery software update
  • Machinery configuration and optimization according to different needs and different work cycle setup
  • Continuous assistance and maintenance (in collaboration with the Company L.B by Borgato Luciano)
  • Training and manuals
  • Spare parts


Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the Company L.B. by Luciano Borgato, with whom Europrogetti has been successfully collaborating for very many years, we are able to offer a highly qualified and performing service to assist and support the customer in all the problems and needs.

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