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HIGH QUALITY Performance

Passion and competence combined with a deep knowledge of the sector: this is our recipe to guarantee high quality and top-level reliability.

Our team of engineers, software designers and mechanics fine tune every single detail in each phase of the productive process, from the very first idea to the final test.

This is the way we have created machines and innovative solutions at our premises in Sinalunga since 1990, thus conferring to Europrogetti the leadership in innovation, research and development.

Disegno di un'incollatrice Alface realizzato da Europrogetti


Our attention to keeping high quality standards has allowed us to become a byword for the highest reliability year after year.

For us, to build means to ensure high productivity in each phase of the process, to facilitate the use of the machine in an intuitive and fluid way, to use different and long-lasting materials: our machines are varnish polished so that they don’t experience the wear and tear.

All this certified by trackable corporate procedures and strict quality tests on the finished product, for the utmost effectivity of the required performance, down to the smallest detail.

Foto di una fase di produzione scatole all'interno della ditta Europrogetti