We listen

Machines tailored to your requirements

Our aim has always been to create machines which follow the requests and demands of a constantly evolving market: more and more innovative and diversified products, of high quality and reliability, easily customizable. This is why we give great importance to two phases of our productive process: listening and exchanging views.

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Europrogetti, saper ascoltare

We design

Europrogetti, saper progettare

Paying the utmost attention to every detail

Progettare” (to design) is our keyword, the one which makes the difference, so much so that we wanted to add it to the name of our company. For Europrogetti, designing is not only the starting process to create complex objects, but it represents a system of knowledge and methods whose first target is to permanently ease the human work for the production of high quality objects.

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We build

Precision, Strength, Reliability

Our attention to keeping high quality standards has allowed us to become a byword for the highest reliability year after year. For us, to build means to ensure high productivity in each phase of the process, to facilitate the use of the machine in an intuitive and fluid way, to use different and long-lasting materials: our machines are glossy varnished so that they don’t experience the wear and tear.

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Foto di macchinario della linea EP100, presentata nel 2003 dalla ditta Europrogetti per la realizzazione di scatole rivestite

Our approach

Europrogetti, ascolto esigenze del cliente
Europrogetti, analisi e progettazione
Europrogetti, assistenza Icona approccio

Product Lines

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