2019 – The EP175L Line is the most requested solution by the best companies in the packaging and paper and cardboard converting field.

The automatic machines of the EP175L Line, thanks to their extreme versatility and to their technical features of high precision, reliability and performance, are the most sold in the world of the wide range of Europrogetti solutions.

Europrogetti, leader in the production of automatic machinery for the packaging industry, already renowned as a smart and innovative company looking to the future and, for this reason, it hasn’t stopped to the commercial success of the EP175L gained till now, but has gone beyond, improving again the still high performances of the Line.

PRECISION – The centering photocells have been replaced by optic fibres, a much more satisfying technology which allows to increase by far the precision for a flawless packaging.
PERFORMANCE – The machinery automation has been further improved, adding a number of axles controlled by brushless motors, thus increasing the quality standard of performance and safety.
RELIABILITY – All the brands used on the Europrogetti machinery are big international companies that guarantee high quality and easy sourcing. Wherever your business is.
STRENGTH – The first lines delivered in 2000 are still running in production. Tens of millions of pieces thanks to an intelligent investment, because investing in reliable machinery gives far less possibilities to meet faults and problems that will lead to additional expenses for maintenance and various inconveniences, often making the initial savings completely in vain, if not negative.

Visit our web site www.epsrl.it and find out the potentialities of the machines of the EP175L Line or get in touch with us, our technical sales engineers will be able to describe potentialities and features and to evaluate how to increase your performance.