Services | Customer Care

The pre and post-sales service and the customer care service are also based on lean processes and remote working, capable of handling even the most complex situations, the world over.

Europrogetti works on 2 levels:

1 – Direct, exclusive, multi-channel line for the “post-sales service”
2 – Video tutorials for line installations and machine set-up

1. DEDICATED POST-SALES ASSISTANCE LINEEuroprogetti has set up a work team specifically dedicated to the various stages of post-sales service and has activated various channels:

  • Direct e-mail
  • Direct number for assistance (valid the world over)


2. VIDEO TUTORIALS A vast library of Video Tutorials for satisfy market needs the world over, regarding various aspects grouped in the following macro areas:

  • Video tutorials for the installation of machines and/or lines
  • Video tutorials for machine set-up
  • Video tutorials to start the first production.