2018 – The World’s First And Only Kit For Clamshell Boxes Without Heat-Sealing Tape!

Europrogetti is proud to announce its latest innovation: an exclusive kit to automate the process of making clamshell boxes without heat-sealing tape or staples.

It is a major innovation that will revolutionize the entire process of manufacturing clamshell boxes without the use of heat-sealing tape or closing staple, hence making production easier, faster and more efficient!

Europrogetti is an innovation leader in the box making and converting machinery sector that has recently conceived and developed a cutting-edge kit, especially designed for the production of clamshell boxes (e.g. CD cases), which will totally remove the need for heat-sealing tape or staples. It is a greatly innovative idea that will save you time and money, making your production more competitive.

The idea was conceived in 2018 and, after months of development, testing and fine-tuning, the final version is now ready to go. Available as an optional kit to be installed on EP100L lines, it is supplied as standard in the new EP130N. The kit can also be installed on all existing machines made and sold with EP100L and EP130L.

With this new kit, your machinery will be able to coat clamshell boxes automatically: it is the first and only machine in the world that can easily implement this type of process by simply changing machine setups.

This new kit allows extending or changing your production while using the same machine, without the need to purchase an expensive production line dedicated solely to this specific process. With EP100L or EP130N – Europrogetti’s basic range – and with the implementation of this kit, you can streamline and speed up the production of your boxes without heat-sealing tape or staples.

It is an extraordinary innovation, which increases the manufacturing flexibility of your machinery. The entire process will be less expensive because you save time and eliminate the need for staples, and you will get nicer boxes with aesthetically better results.

Europrogetti is a company with a strong propensity for innovation – it currently has 17 patents to its name – constantly striving to improve its machines and anticipate the market’s demands.

New kit for EP100L and EP130Nlines for the production of clamshell boxes without heat-sealing tape or staple.  

Our technical-sales agents will be happy to provide you with further details and explain the potential of the new kit for EP100L and EP130N lines.