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Revamping & Refitting

High production efficiency, the wear of time and changes in specific production dynamics are just some of possible causes that may lead to the need to prolong the service life and optimise the performance of automatic lines. Thanks to our Revamping and Refitting service, Europrogetti can help its customers over time, where possible, and only on house manufactured machines.

Revamping (reconditioning) applies when a machine is worn, and has lost production efficiency, and it can be implemented along with the Refitting. It consists in analysing a line, or a part of a line, and dismantling, inspecting and overhauling those parts that are no longer efficient, returning them to their original state.

Refitting (also called Retrofitting) is recommended when alterations are required (for example, a change of format) or when the line requires improvements. Based on the needs and requirements, we will propose solutions and alterations that will modernise and breathe new life into your line, optimizing performances and improving production processes.

We consult with the customer based on the specific requirements, to define the type of intervention that is needed. Some of the possible solutions may include:

  • Adding or replacing, for example, equipment;
  • Modifying, for example a machine part;
  • Customising, for example, a format.

These interventions may be performed directly at the customer’s facilities, or in our plant, based on the requirements and the intervention to be carried out.

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