With Europrogetti nowhere is far away

Innovation, set up and assistance by remote, to give continuity to your business

Innovation embraces many aspects and can make a product more user-friendly and available to everyone, but processes and services also embrace this concept, where there is an instilled culture of creating solutions that no one has ever seen before.

Pre and post-sales services, customer care, and assistance services are also based on lean processes and remote working tools capable of handling even the most complex situations, the world over, also in light of the considerable restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced on us all.

Europrogetti works on 3 main levels:

  1. All Europrogetti machines and production lines are equipped with a “built-in remote assistance module”,
  2. A dedicated, multi-channel direct line for the “post-sales assistance” service,
  3. Video tutorials for line installations and machine set ups

This means not only digital and social instruments, but also company processes and functional lean management procedures to allow us to respond better and faster to customer requests and to market demands.


All our lines already come factory-equipped with a module that is built into the machine system, capable of running a check up, monitoring and upgrading the software and, in some cases, of intervening directly to modify and/or implement the software.


Europrogetti has created a work team that is dedicated to the various post-sales stages, and has activated various contact channels:

  • Direct e-mail
  • Direct assistance number (valid the world over)


The most recent Europrogetti innovation is the creation of a vast library of Video Tutorials to respond to market requests from across the entire world, and specifically for those customers that reside in countries where AntiCovid regulations are more stringent than elsewhere.

Europrogetti Video Tutorials deal with various aspects included in the following macro-areas:

  • video tutorials for the installation of machines and/or lines
  • video tutorials for machine set-up
  • video tutorials start the first production.

The company’s international and innovative culture constantly drives and motivates us to be increasingly competitive and always by our customers’ side. Nowhere is far away, with Europrogetti.